Being able to do Each & Everything within an app with just Voice Commands!

Hi, I am Louie!

I am a voice solution that will let you fully control apps with just voice commands.

Just think of me as a virtual friend, right there on your phone screen, Available 24X7.

UBER Book Uber end-to-end.

WhatsApp Chat, Browse & just about everything with voice & many more apps…

Am I another Voice Assistant?

Unlike the popular voice assistants,
I do continuous voice interaction & specialize in getting things done end-to-end.

My Twin Avatars!

My Twin

For Individual
Louie Voice Control App

Voice-control apps End-to-End

  • Supported apps: WhatsApp, Youtube, Gmail, Uber, Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, FB-Messenger, Google Search,… & many more coming soon
  • Users in 100+ countries
  • Multi-lingual support


For Business
Louie Voice SDK

Software plugin that integrates with & makes any app in the world fully voice-enabled (Android/iOS)

  • Louie Team takes care of all the heavy-lifting
  • No special permission needed
  • Super-Fast
  • Custom Voice Experience
  • Minimal changes in your app
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What my friends, Around the world, Say!!!!

  • It is a great initiative. I'd like to know if there will also be the Italian version. thanks and best regards.

    User from Italy

  • Woohoo this app is very good, I love it. My Friends like this app too.

    User from Nigeria

  • First of all thank you so much Louie voice developer. This app is simply superb. Please develop more options controlling mobile with this application.

    User from UAE

  • I would like to congratulate you on such a great app with a huge potential. I came across your app on the Play Store and wanted to try it after listening to your demo of the voice commands on YouTube.

    User from UK

  • Thank you very much for your efforts for the blind

    User from UAE

  • This is an awesome app

    User from New Zealand